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How a paper trail can help you heal after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Car Accidents

Sustaining car accident injuries and dealing with the aftermath can be painful, time consuming and expensive. But taking careful steps from the moment of the crash may help you recover damages you need to move on.

If you are hoping to receive compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit, then collecting evidence at the scene and proof of your injuries will help your case. Here are four steps you can take to build a paper trail:

  1. Call for emergency help

Calling for emergency help can help in critical condition receive the medical attention they need as soon as possible. The police report can help your insurance company understand the details of the tragic event. Plus, police will also be able to talk to witnesses if you are too injured to do so.

  1. Exchange information

It’s essential to ask for contact and insurance information from the other party involved. Finding proof that someone else caused the accident is impossible to do if you don’t have at least a name or license plate number — the more details the better. Speaking of fault, when you are at still at the scene, you shouldn’t apologize or say your actions caused the collision.

  1. Document the scene

Since an insurance adjuster or judge isn’t a witness of the accident, you can paint a picture by providing literal photos of the scene, the damage to each vehicle and your injuries. You can also jot down your own notes about what happened at the scene or immediately after the crash, while it’s fresh on your mind. This can help you keep the information you supply while seeking compensation consistent.

  1. Follow up on injuries and vehicle damage

Written statements and photos of the accident are important. But putting actual prices to the injuries and damage done will help you get proper compensation. This includes keeping tabs of all accident-related medical bills and retrieving car repair estimates.

Essentially, if you are suffering because of someone else’s mistakes, then you should try and gather as much evidence of the scene as you can.